Work environment for digital employees

The first "Digital Natives" entered working life more than 10 years ago. Soon one out of four employees will be in this category. Digital Native is defined as a person brought up during the age of digital technology and thus familiar with digital services. They are online 24/7 and switch among digital devices and apps based on convenience and availability. A Digital native takes the digital environment for granted. What does that mean for your business? Digital natives cannot understand why computers are used for "office tasks" only and phones are exclusively for calling. They read mail, update customer records and make purchases with a smartphone, so why can´t they make phone calls from a computer? To be attractive employers, businesses have to adapt to this mindset. The number of digital immigrants - active digital employees - is rapidly increasing as well. They use social media, do web shopping and read mail on the phone. Let them make phone calls from their computer, they´ll love it! BizSkype connects telephony with Skype for Business and enables calling from the PC, just like you do with a cell phone. BizSkype integrates all speech services in one common solution. The service lets employees receive business calls and dial contacts on their privately owned mobile phones. If you just want to make calls from Skype for Business, BizSkype enables it, for any size business.

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