Meet people face to face all over the world every day.

Get immediate clarifications in a chat because you see your contact is available. Close contracts and projects faster with quick status meetings working on documents, or just make a phone call. All instant available from your PC, PAD or mobile phone.

With BIZSKYPE your company connects to the worlds largest

business communication network;


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Imagine that you could stop thinking about how to communicate with your customers, partners, vendors and colleagues, and just do it intuitively. Outlook is probably your most important tool today, and when you connect BIZSKYPE to it, magic emerge. You instantly start building a business network where you can get in immediate touch with people all over the world. You will know at a glance whether your contacts are available or not, start a chat or video call, call their office or mobile phone - all directly from your desktop tool. Meetings that usually take a lot of effort to book and carry out, are effectively handled right from your calendar. There will be no excuse for not participating. All communication methods are available: Skype for business client, WEB client, mobile client, and dial in option from your fixed phone or mobile.

BIZSKYPE is an independent and open Skype for Business Telephony cloud service. You can choose among multiple telecom vendors already available or bring your own. Being a cloud service, it is an easy and fast on-boarding process at a very low cost. Our reseller network makes the services available to any Microsoft customer in the SMB market.

The Skype for Business community

Microsoft has created the largest business communication network in the world through the Skype for Business offering. Targeting today's 1,2 Billion office users with Office 365, the Skype for Business application is the fastest growing business communication tool in the market. When we Include full interoperability with Skype the reach is without competition. When we add the acquisition of LinkedIN to this business communication community it will become even stronger in the future.




When your SMB company start using the Skype for Business universal communication platform, BIZSKYPE, the following instant benefits can be taken out:

  1. Imediately available in the Skype for Business community, your most important contact are just a click away

  2. External communication improves through instant contact options with partners, vendors and customers

  3. Internal communication improves by employees being reached when available

  4. No need for discussion on what tool to use

  5. No need for extensive training of different communication tools

  6. Remove cost on existing video conferencing, PBX, IP-Telephony, Chat and document sharing cloud services and solutions.



BIZSKYPE - Skype for Business Functionality

Business Telephony

Both individual and business telephony needs available. The PBX core of BIZSKYPE have all the functionality your business needs to be professional in the day to day work. This includes Interactive Response Groups (IVR), Response Groups, voice mail, conference dial in, group numbers, personal numbers, personal voice mail and fixed/mobile integration.

Video Calls

See the people you interact with face to face by turning on the video functionality when you have a Skype for Business call. This increases the commitment of agreements being made and the strength of relationships that are built.

Video Conferencing

It is no longer a board room privilege to have video conferences to effectively meet people being on different locations. With a TV, a low cost camera and audio equipment a meeting room effectively can be turned into a full operational conferencing room. Your own PC can be the conference HUB.

Instant Messaging

Being able to start a chat with a colleague or external contact to clarify an issue or just ask a question is a very effective communication form. Using this tool extensively will reduce the number of emails sent. The chats are stored in exchange so no communication history are lost. 


The cross functionality between Skype for business and exchange makes it easier to visualise availability. Why spend time on calling someone that are in a meeting. Instead of having to check in the individual calendars the presence functionality are picking up the users status from the outlook calendar automatically. This also applies for external contacts that are federated.

Document collaboration

By doing video calls and conferencing, and at the same time being able to work on documents is a very effective way of keeping the speed in projects and contract negotiations. The effect of seeing the other party in the eyes when agreeing on changes and additions are bringing more commitment and trust to the process. Both parties can be in charge of the document. 


can improve your day to day work

In this step by step introduction our

CTO, Jan A. Solvang, explaines in a simple way how enabling telephony, on the Microsoft Office users PC, improves efficiency in the day to day communication.


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