Global Coverage

Bizskype - Skype for Business Telephony is an internet based cloud service that can be delivered to most of the countries in the world. Many companies have employees outside their home country and are wondering how Bizskype will work for the offices abroad. We therefore made a Global Coverage map that shows how Bizskype will work in the individual countries. As the Bizskype service is independent of Telecom providers, agreements can be made with any local Telecom operator to get the best possible prices and services.

Latency Overview

Microsoft recommends a maximum of 150ms (milliseconds) latency for Skype for Business communication. Based on this best practice, we have made internet performance latency measurements from our IBM Cloud datacenter in Amsterdam. These tests towards all countries in the world gives a good indication what user experience will be possible to obtain in these countries. The internet access of the individual offices have to be sufficient for the numbers to be realistic
Colorcodes in the MAP
GREEN COUNTRIES < 100ms latency
YELLOW COUNTRIES 101-150ms latency
(still within Microsoft Recommendatons)
WHITE COUNTRIES > 150ms latency
With access to IBM Clouds 110 datacenters around the Globe we continously look into improving local access to countries with high latency. The driving force for these investments are customer requirements. If you have a larger office in a high latency country, please contact us for execution.
See table to find details per country. Use the search bar to find information about your specific countries.

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