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Teams are the future of

Microsoft Telephony. As Teams specialists, we focus on


Our Telecom independent, global, Microsoft Certified, Teams Telephony

Cloud Service

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Migrate from

Skype for Business to TEAMS


Being Teams specialists, with 7 years experience in the Lync and Skype for Business telephony space, we quickly get an overview and understanding of the current setup, making the transition to Teams as easy as possible.


Migration tool

The Routeams Cloud Service is a unique activation tool for companies to move to a Teams Telephony Cloud service that is already proven. This takes away some of the risk in the migration process. Perfect for companies with a cloud strategy, moving from Skype for Business Online, on-premise or hosted solutions.


We are Telecom provider independent and thus experienced in connecting telephony from any telco in the market. This makes it easy to use your existing one, or use the migration to change to a new provider. With Routeams it is easy to change telecom provider on a later stage without any changes in your Teams setup!


Solving issues in the whole delivery chain -

TEAMS, Skype for Business and Telecom.